Where’s The Most Painful Place To Get Tattoos​

Where's The Most Painful Place To Get Tattoos

More and more people are getting tattoos, but it’s no secret that getting inked can be painful. However, the level of pain that you’re likely to experience when getting your permanent body art will depend on several factors. One primary factor is the part of your body that you’re getting the tattoo done on.

Tattooing involves the repeated piercing of the top layer of the skin with a pigment-covered sharp needle. Needless to say, that’s going to cause some pain! Yet, some parts of the body are less painful to get a tattoo on than others. #

In general, the places that are least painful to get a tattoo are areas that have the thickest skin, fewer nerve endings, and more fat. Conversely, the places that are most painful are those that have less fat, thinner skin and more nerve endings. Usually, bony areas will hurt a lot. 

Whats the most painful place to get a tattoo

Some Of The Most Painful Areas For Tattooing

Areas of the body that are likely to cause moderate to severe pain during tattooing in descending order are:

  • The armpit
  • The rib cage 
  • The shins and ankles
  • The breasts and nipples
  • The groin
  • The kneecaps and elbows
  • Behind the knee
  • The hips
  • The spine and neck
  • The ears, face and head
  • The lips
  • The toes, feet, fingers and hands
  • The stomach
  • The inner biceps 

Some Of The Least Painful Areas For Tattooing

The areas that are least likely to cause severe pain during tattooing include:

  • The outer upper thigh
  • The forearms
  • The outer shoulders 
  • The outer biceps
  • The calves
  • The lower and upper back 

Which Other Factors Affect Pain?

As well as the area of your body that you get tattooed, there are some other factors which impact on the amount of pain you’re likely to experience. These include: 

  • Your sex – people who are biologically female are more likely to feel pain that is more intense than biological males.
  • How many tattoos you’ve had – people who’ve already had a tattoo may be able to cope more effectively with the pain of a second tattoo.
  • Weight and age – skin that is older may feel pain more intensely than young skin. Also, people with skin that is looser are likely to experience more pain. People who have a very low percentage of body fat will also feel the pain more. 

How Can I Minimize The Pain Of Tattooing?

The good news is that there are ways to minimize the pain of getting a tattoo. These include: 

  • Choosing a tattoo artist with plenty of experience.
  • Asking the artist to take a break if you’re finding the process particularly uncomfortable.
  • Avoiding eating before having your tattoo done if you’re having a stomach tattoo.
  • Getting plenty of sleep the night before your appointment.
  • Avoiding alcohol or drugs before your session.
  • Staying well-hydrated. 

The most effective way to significantly reduce or even completely eliminate the pain of tattooing is to use a tattoo numbing cream. A numbing cream for tattoos is designed to be applied to the skin before you attend your session. It needs to be given sufficient time on the skin so that the active ingredients can take effect. These ingredients will block the sensation of pain from reaching the brain so that the body doesn’t recognise the sensation. Some of the best and most effective products such as TKTX numbing cream contain a combination of powerful local anaesthetic ingredients such as lidocaine, prilocaine and epinephrine – all of which are well-known for their highly-effective results. This means that when you apply a tattoo numbing cream to your skin, following the instructions on the packaging carefully, around an hour before your session, you should find that your skin becomes numb and desensitised to pain by the time your artist is ready to apply their needle to the area to be worked on. 

In Conclusion

If you’ve been putting off getting a tattoo on a sensitive body part such as your ribs, fingers or ankles because you’re worried about the pain, the good news is that you don’t need to go without your beautiful new body art. All you need to do is choose a reliable product like TKTX numbing cream from a reputable supplier, apply it to the sensitive area before your appointment, and then you can experience all of the fun of getting a tattoo without any of the unwanted pain or discomfort. So, now you know, you can go and book your appointment for that long-awaited armpit tattoo!