Tag#45 Numbing Gel (2)

Tag#45 Numbing Gel

14 February 2021 0 By latham

Anyone seeking a high quality, reliable numbing gel for use during dermal procedures or when having a tattoo, Tag#45 numbing gel is the ideal solution. Designed for use on broken skin rather than before the procedure begins, this product is known for its effectiveness. 

Fully tested for safety, this gel contains ingredients which have long been known for their local anaesthetic qualities. Whether you’re looking for a numbing product for use during electrolysis, waxing, tattooing or microblading, this product reduces all discomfort and pain so procedures can be more comfortable than ever before. Even better, with a clear gel formula it leaves no slippery stickiness on the skin or unwanted stains. 

What Is Tag#45 Numbing Gel?

Most numbing products designed for use during skin procedures or aesthetic treatments must be applied some time before the procedure is due to be carried out. This is because they take time to become activated and start working. Tag#45 gel, on the other hand, is designed to be a secondary numbing product suitable for use after the skin is broken to produce highly effective relief of pain and rapid-acting results. Tag#45 has been around for over 20 years and in that time, it has won a reputation for impressive results and excellent safety. 

When Can Tag#45 Numbing Gel Be Used?

Tag#45 numbing gel is suitable to be used for a broad spectrum of dermal procedures including: 

  • Tattooing
  • Electrolysis
  • Waxing (biking or body)
  • Microblading
  • Semi-permanent makeup application
  • Body piercing

With a professional grade potent formulation, it’s also idea for use when a temporary pain relief solution is required for minor scrapes, cuts and abrasions as well as other superficial dermal injuries. 

What Are The Active Ingredients In Tag#45?

This numbing gel contains the safe local anaesthetic lidocaine (4%) which is known to be highly effectively. Used regularly in dental and medical procedures, lidocaine is known as a safe active ingredient. This gel also contains epinephrine which reduces bleeding and swelling after skin has been broken. 

How Is Tag#45 Numbing Gel Applied?

Although most local anaesthetic creams and gels have to be rubbed into the skin some time before the tattoo or procedure is carried out, Tag#45 numbing gel can be applied and will begin working virtually immediately. Pain will be significantly reduced or even completely eliminated within minutes. As a result, this is the speediest solution when you want to minimize your discomfort while have any type of dermal treatment. 

You don’t have wait for the gel’s active ingredients to warm up and take effect. Once the procedure or tattoo has been started, the gel is simply applied in a thick layer onto the area of skin being worked on. You only need to wait for 2-3 minutes before the effect will be noticed and the skin will begin losing sensation. Thanks to the pump-style bottle design, it’s swift and simple to apply the product onto the skin evenly, no matter whether you need to cover a small or large area. 

Is There Anything I Need To Know About Using Tag#45 Numbing Gel?

Tag#45 numbing gel will be safe to use so long as the recommended instructions and advice are followed but you need to be aware of a few safety precautions: 

  • This product should only ever be used externally 
  • The gel must be kept well out of the way of infants and children 
  • If you have high blood pressure, circulation problems or a heart condition, you must consult a physician before you use this gel to ensure it’s safe for your use 

Tag#45 numbing gel is an ideal choice if you need a secondary local anaesthetic to relieve discomfort during tattooing and skin procedures.