J-Pro Worlds Strongest Numbing Cream!


J-Pro Tattoo Numbing Cream

  • 50% Deep Numbing
  • The STRONGEST numbing cream on the market
  • 15 – 20 minutes fast acting
  • Long-lasting 3 hours


50% Deep Tattoo Deep Numbing Cream
Item: J-Pro Numbing Cream
Weight: 10g/tube

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J-PRO Numbing Cream


Using a numbing cream is an excellent way to eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with procedures such as tattooing, microneedling and body piercing. J-PRO numbing cream is an excellent choice thanks to its fast action and effective formulation. 

What Is J-PRO Numbing Cream?

This product is a topically applied cream which is designed to numb the area of skin that has been treated so any pain can be eliminated or greatly reduced. Containing both prilocaine and lido, two active ingredients which are known for their effectiveness as local anaesthetics, this cream can easily be directly applied onto the skin.

Why Choose J-PRO Numbing Cream?

Thanks to the two local anaesthetic ingredients, this product offers a host of benefits for anyone who is undergoing tattooing or any other skin procedure. Its many advantages include: 

  • It numbs the skin quickly and effectively
  • It is a hypoallergenic product 
  • It is suitable for use even on sensitive skin types
  • It begins working within 20 to 30 minutes for a fast-acting effect
  • The numbing effect is long lasting (around 3 hours) 

How Do I Use J-PRO Numbing Cream?

J-PRO Numbing Cream is ideal for use not only before tattooing but when having a range of other procedures including body piercing, bikini or body waxing, cosmetic tattooing, microneedling, laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, IPL treatment or electrocautery. You can apply it by following these instructions: 

  1. First wash the area of skin to be treated or tattooed with warm water and a gentle soap.
  2. Apply a hot towel onto the skin for five minutes.
  3. Dry the area completely.
  4. Next, apply a thick layer of the numbing cream onto the area to be treated.
  5. Rub into the skin thoroughly until it is completely absorbed. 
  6. Apply a second thick layer of the cream (2 – 3mm or 1/8” in thickness) across the entire area.
  7. Apply some plastic wrap over the area of skin where the cream has been applied. Keep covered and warm so that the heat beneath the wrap can activate the cream and prevent it from getting dried out.
  8. Allow the plastic wrap and J-PRO cream to remain in place for between 25 and 50 minutes before you receive your procedure or get your tattoo. If your procedure will be a long one that lasts for several hours and covers a large area of skin, apply the numbing cream to the whole area to be worked on and remove it slowly in sections while the procedure is progressing.
  9. You will typically find that the area of skin that has been treated will remain numb for approximately three to five hours once you’ve removed the cream from the skin. The length of time your skin will lack sensation will depend on both your skin type and the location of the area of skin to which you have applied the cream on your body.

Important Product Information

J-PRO numbing cream is very safe to use as long as you follow the instructions outlined above when having a tattoo or another skin procedure. However, there are a few important things that you need to be aware of before use:

  • Ensure that the product is stored at a temperature below 30 degrees Celsius and above 0 degrees Celsius
  • Only use this product externally
  • Avoid getting the cream into your eyes
  • Make sure you always keep the cream out of the reach of children 
  • Never put this cream into your rectum
  • Make sure that the tube’s cap is tightly closed when it’s not in use
  • If you suffer from hypertension, heart disease, thyroid disease, depression or diabetes you should not use this cream
  • If you are breastfeeding or are pregnant you should avoid using this product
  • If you are allergic to any of the product’s ingredients, avoid its use
  • If you have difficulty in urinating because of an enlarged prostate you should not use this product 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Deeveeant numb Cream

I felt this Product working in under 20mins.. i would recommend to everyone getting a medium sized or large tattoo and want minimal pain and swelling. But Really use 1hr b4 tattoo to get the best effect.


Holy cow I’m so glad I found this product. I have an extremely low tolerance for pain but really wanted a tattoo. I followed the instruction guide that was emailed to me when the product arrived. I had ZERO pain during my tattoo! I will definitely be using this again for tattoos and waxing.

easy the strongest Ive ever used

Three weeks ago I started the process to finish my sleeve tattoo. All that was left was the inside of my arm and I was dreading the last session because the first session was awful. I put this cream on 20 mins before and wrapped it and when I got there I put another layer on while we were doing touch ups and getting ready. This stuff actually works. Was it pain free? COMPLETELY!!!! Easy the strongest cream Ive used!

J-PRO Nmbing Cream

Works really well but it needs a good 45-60 mins with the covered area being kept warm to get the most benefit. It lasted a 3 hr session and only started to wear off then because I spread it over a larger area and didn’t have 2-3mm thickness. 1 tube would do half a forearm max with plenty of cling film and sealed with tape to maximise heat build up

Gold Dust!!

Really surprised at how well this worked considering how cheap it is!

I put this on about 2 hours before my appointment without showering beforehand and it still numbed the area. I couldn't feel a thing

Sensation began to return about 1 hour into the tattoo but that was just to touch, not to pain. I think if I'd have opened my pores up before applying the cream the effects would've lasted longer

Definitely recommended, it's worth a try given how cheap it is. You don't get much in the tube so if you plan on having a large area done, I'd have two ready just in case :)