Do artists recommend tattoo numbing cream?

Do artists recommend tattoo numbing cream?

23 May 2021 0 By latham

There is a common misconception that tattoo artist frown on the use of tattoo numbing creams and prevent their use in their studios. While many people believe this is the case, and are therefore put off getting the body art that they desire because they’re afraid of the pain, in fact there’s nothing to worry about in this respect – most tattoo artists not only don’t refuse to ink people who have used numbing cream, but they actively encourage its use! 

Why Do Tattoo Artists Recommend Using A Numbing Product?

There will always be a few die-hard tattoo artists out there who believe that the pain is an integral part of getting inked, but most tattooists are only interested in their client’s well-being and comfort. When they’re tattooing somebody, they want to make sure that that person is comfortable at all times – after all, it’s pretty difficult to work on someone who is squirming, flinching and asking repeatedly to stop! 

Why Do Some People Think You Shouldn’t Use Numbing Cream Before Getting A Tattoo? 

There are a lot of misunderstandings about numbing cream and how it works. Some tattoo artists have not recommended its use in the past because they thought it would take up too much time in their tattooing session. Erroneously, they thought that applying then removing the cream would take far too long and they wouldn’t be able to complete the piece within the session. In fact, those artists are completely wrong. Numbing creams can be applied by the client themselves before the session even begins, and can be removed by the client themselves just before the tattooist starts work, so the artist doesn’t even need to get involved. 

There was also a misconception that using numbing cream before getting a tattoo would leave the skin slippery and difficult to ink – some artists were worried that they wouldn’t be able to achieve a good result due to this. This too is erroneous. In fact, if you choose a high-quality numbing cream like TKTX tattoo numbing cream, you’ll find that your skin isn’t slippery at all after use. High-quality products are formulated especially to minimise any slipperiness so the skin feels completely normal when the artist sets to work. This means that there will be no negative impacts on the final result at all.

How Can Numbing Cream Help When Getting A Tattoo?

Somebody who is worried about pain won’t enjoy their tattoo experience, and may inadvertently end up with a sub-standard outcome because they moved around too much due to the discomfort of the procedure. If you apply a numbing cream before you get your tattoo, you’ll find that the sensation in the area being inked is removed completely. As a result, you’ll be able to undergo even a long tattooing session without experiencing any pain at all. Since you won’t be in any discomfort, you won’t need to wriggle, flinch, or pause regularly for breaks, and therefore your final piece of body art will be flawlessly beautiful and will be completed in time with no need to return for a second session. 

Should I Use Numbing Products Before My Next Tattoo? 

If you’re planning a tattoo and want to enjoy the experience to the max without any discomfort or suffering, you should definitely consider using a high-quality numbing cream like TKTX tattoo numbing cream. Tattoo artists actively recommend the use of this product, so you can rest assured that if you decide to apply numbing products before your session you won’t be doing anything wrong, and your tattooist may even be delighted that you’re sitting calmly!