Can you use TKTX numbing cream on lips?

Can you use TKTX numbing cream on lips?

19 April 2021 0 By latham

If you’re getting lip fillers, you’re probably wondering how you can minimise the discomfort that you’re sure to feel during the procedure. Some people are even too afraid to arrange a lip filler appointment because they’re so concerned about the pain that they may feel from the injections.

Lip fillers have become a very popular cosmetic treatment in recent years, since they increase volume in the lips to create a more beautiful pout. Unfortunately, though, getting lip fillers involves having injections in the lips which can be an uncomfortable experience. If you use a topical numbing cream before getting lip fillers the treatment will be much easier, not only for you yourself, but also for the person carrying out the procedure.

How Do Numbing Creams Help?

As you no doubt already know, getting an injection in any part of the body can be painful, but getting one in your lips can be especially uncomfortable – after all, the lips are a very sensitive area. Fortunately, using local anaesthetic products like TKTX tattoo numbing cream can make a big difference since they contain active ingredients like lidocaine, epinephrine and benzocaine which remove sensation from the area being treated, minimise bleeding and, overall, make the procedure pain-free an comfortable.

Not only can applying a numbing cream ease the discomfort of getting lip fillers, but it can also make it much easier for the professional carrying out the treatment to get the job done well. The final outcome is always better if the patient doesn’t move or flinch while being injected.

Is It Safe To Numb The Lips?

Some people worry if it’s safe to use a numbing product to numb the lips but you can rest assured that as long as you choose a reliable and trustworthy product like TKTX tattoo numbing cream, you won’t experience any ill-effects. TKTX is a safe and pure product which won’t interfere with the lip filler process and which only produces temporary effects. Remember that lidocaine, one of the ingredients in numbing products, is regularly used for medical and dental procedures without any negative effects being experience by the patient, therefore, you can be confident that using numbing products temporarily on your lips is completely safe.

How Long Will My Lips Be Numb?

If you’re applying TKTX cream before getting lip fillers, you may be worried about how long the lack of sensation will endure. You will need to apply the product before you go to your appointment and remove it before the aesthetic professional begins work. You can then be sure that your lips will experience no pain or discomfort for the entire duration of the procedure. Your lips will still numb for a few hours after the application of the cream, but don’t worry – the sensation will eventually gradually return over time, and within 3 to 5 hours they will have regained full sensation once more.

How Do I Apply TKTX Tattoo Numbing Cream?

If you’re planning to use TKTX tattoo numbing cream before having your lip filler procedure, you’ll need to know how to apply it safely. It’s very important to read all the safety instructions before you apply the product to your lips and follow them carefully to ensure the best possible results. Luckily, it’s very simply to apply the product. Just wait until about 20 minutes before your appointment time then apply the numbing cream to your lips. Leave in place for 20 minutes and then wipe the product away. You are then guaranteed a pain-free treatment that will result in beautiful, full lips.