Can You Use Numbing Cream For Semi-Permanent Makeup

Can You Use Numbing Cream For Semi-Permanent Makeup?

6 June 2021 0 By latham

Can You Use Numbing Cream For Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup is becoming more and more popular in recent years thanks to the advances that have been made in the industry. Thanks to the arrival of new organic pigments and effective new techniques, practitioners are now able to offer their clients a truly impressive way to get a beautifully made-up look that really lasts. Eliminating the need to constantly apply eyeliner, lipstick or fill in eyebrows, semi-permanent makeup is definitely here to stay. However, some people who would love to undergo one of the latest procedures panic because they’re concerned about the potential pain and discomfort they would experience. Luckily, there’s an answer that resolves this all-too-common issue – numbing cream. 

Which Semi-Permanent Makeup Techniques Can Benefit From Numbing Cream?

There are numerous options these days when it comes to semi-permanent makeup. Some of the most popular procedures include semi-permanent eyeliner which uses a tattoo machine to apply droplets of pigment in between the eyelashes. Although the machine that is used for this technique is gentle, it can cause soreness of the eyes, so numbing cream could be helpful.

Another popular semi-permanent makeup option is microblading. This is used to fill in gaps in the eyebrows so that they can have a fuller, more attractive look. The most up-to-date techniques allow a natural look to be achieved, even using ombre pigments to add depth. Numbing creams are extremely effective for this type of procedure as the blade causes scratching to the skin which can be painful, especially if you have a low pain threshold. Lip blushes are another popular semi-permanent technique that can create the impression of fuller lips with no need for injections together with an attractive color. Numbing creams can be applied to the lips before these procedures too so that no discomfort is experienced. Some women even opt for semi-permanent freckle tattoos. Although at one time freckles were unfashionable, these days they are all the rage and can be achieved without exposing yourself to the sun by getting semi-permanent tattoos on the cheeks and nose. Again, the discomfort can be effectively reduced by applying numbing cream before undergoing the procedure.

Why Do Numbing Creams Work?

Having semi-permanent makeup applied can be uncomfortable or even painful, especially if your pain tolerance level is quite low. Numbing creams work by reducing and even eliminating that discomfort. There are active ingredients contained in numbing creams that deaden the nerves so that the pain signals to the brain are blocked. There are also usually other active chemicals in a numbing product to prevent the nerves in the skin from registering any pain as well as others that constrict the blood vessels so that bleeding, swelling and pain are significantly reduced. When you choose a numbing cream that contains a combination of these active components, you can be confident that your semi-permanent makeup application procedure will be comfortable and pleasant. 

Is It Safe To Use A Numbing Cream For Semi-Permanent Makeup Applications?

There is no need for any concern if you’re keen to use a numbing cream to get rid of the pain when having a semi-permanent makeup application procedure. Doctors use numbing creams in their offices when carrying out medical procedures on the skin, so you can be confident that they’re safe. They are also frequently used by those undergoing tattoos to eliminate the discomfort experienced when being inked with body art. As long as you choose a good quality, reputable product like TKTX numbing cream and follow all the instructions on the packaging, you can be confident that you’ll achieve excellent results.