Can You Use Numbing Cream For Lip Fillers?

Can You Use Numbing Cream For Lip Fillers?

1 June 2021 0 By Behnoud

Lip fillers are becoming an increasingly popular treatment for those who are keen to improve their appearance without actually going under the cosmetic surgeon’s knife. However, they aren’t exactly pain free. If you’ve been looking for a way to plump your lips but don’t want to experience any discomfort, however, there’s an effective solution – numbing cream. 

Some people have never heard of numbing creams. Others have, but think that they’re only suitable for use on other parts of the body such as the arms, legs or back and cannot be used on sensitive areas like the lips. There are even some people who think that numbing creams cannot be used for any kind of fillers but can only be used by doctors for medical procedures on patients or even for tattoos and body art. In fact, numbing creams are extremely effective and can be used even on sensitive areas like the lips. They’re also suitable for use when getting fillers as well as when having medical procedures or getting a tattoo.

What Should I Know About Lip Fillers And Numbing Cream?

Although you don’t have to apply numbing cream to your lips before having lip fillers, it’s often a recommended option. This is because lip fillers can be quite painful to receive and can swell or bleed. The lips are quite vascular and this means that they are more at risk of swelling and bleeding without a suitable numbing product having been applied before the treatment begins. Numbing cream will ensure that the lip filler procedure is comfortable and pain-free for the person undergoing it. 

How Do Numbing Creams For Lip Fillers Work?

The best numbing creams to use when having lip fillers will contain a nerve deadening chemical such as lidocaine. This gets to work quickly, numbing the area that will be worked on effectively. Lidocaine prevents the nerves in the skin from registering the sensation of pain. The cream should also contain a vasoconstricting active agent. Chemicals like epinephrine are very effective in constricting the blood vessels under the skin which, in turn, reduces the swelling and bleeding that can occur. Clearly, this is highly beneficial when working on a vascular area of the body like the lips. They may also contain a nerve blocking ingredient like tetracaine or benzocaine which prevents the pain signals from the skin from reaching the brain.

When Should Numbing Cream Be Applied For Lip Fillers?

Before you’re due to have your lip filler procedure, the numbing cream should be applied. The product can simply be smeared onto the lip area and left to start working. Usually, the cream will begin to take effect quickly and should be fully effective within 15 minutes. Some practitioners who offer lip fillers will offer to apply the numbing cream during your appointment themselves. Others will not, but you can apply it yourself at home before you attend for your appointment.

Should I Use A Numbing Cream Before My Lip Filler Appointment?

If you are arranging an appointment for lip fillers but want to minimize any pain and discomfort you may experience during the treatment, as well as reduce any swelling and bleeding, it makes sense to apply a numbing cream before you attend for your appointment or ask the practitioner if they will be applying a product on your behalf before they get to work on your lips. It’s certainly worth applying a numbing cream to your lips before fillers as the procedure can be uncomfortable, especially if you have a low pain threshold. After the cream is applied, you should feel comfortable throughout the procedure.